Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine Workshop...Mission Completed!

Ahh the joys of children. My youngest has infected her brother and myself with a horrible cold. All this started a week ago, she was sick for all of two days. Brother was worse and missed a day of school and for some reason I cannot shake this thing. A week now! This cold is seriously putting a damper on my crafting mojo, hence the reason last week so so sparse in posts.

I trudged on and I had my Valentine Workshop this past Saturday though! This time I had one guest, a coworker and I think she had a good time. She loved the heart punches so that's always a good thing! (BTW-punches are my new hoarding thing, don't tell the husband) I also got to show her that SU! has so much better quality of paper, she couldn't believe how thick it was. I love how high quality our stuff is =)

Now I'm planning for next month's class. I'm going to do a birthday theme so I'm thinking 2-3 cards, a Ghiradelli chocolate holder and another candy holder all for $10. Chocolate is a good thing =)

Alrighty today is the start of the week and I was again unable to find a crystal ball to find packages for customers, if you find one, seriously let me know.....I really need one!


(Pics of my table for the workshop and different SU! ideas for cards)

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