Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Decorating for LOVE Day

I put the finishing touches on my small but cute Valentine decorations. They were the simplest easiest things to do. I haven't dug out all my other V-Day decorations from the garage yet but these do just great!

The first is our dining room table. This poor neglected candle holder has been sitting empty for 8 months. I finally picked up some super cheap candles and just tied ribbon around it. The "FAMILY" wood thingy sits perfect in the middle....that and I have no other place for it =)
This pic is of my blank wall. I have no idea what to do with's big, empty, but I don't want to put anything there. Eh, I'll figure it out when I win the lotto...then I'll have all the time in the world! For now it's my holiday space. This is where my Nutcrackers were for Christmas. Since we have a fireplace but no mantle I couldn't decorate a mantle with a banner (like every other normal house in America) so I hung it in my empty wall. Easy peasy, cut the pennant triangles, Cricut did the hard work of cutting the letters and I glued 'em all on.

My creme de la creme was finally figuring out how do that accordian fold!!!! It turned out just like I hoped =) I felt so cool after I finished!

Here's another one of my ideas swimming in my head. I saw this in a Teen Pottery Barn catalog last year. Well not this exactly but it was a bulletin board with LOVE in blocks. I thought I could do that with paper {lightbulb} I had some styrofoam that was collecting dust so I brought that out, made squares, covered the squares with paper and covered the edges with white ribbon and cut letters with my Cricut......cute!

I have THE most lucky husband. Why? Because he finds the greatest deals ever. This candle is in a hurricane jar. Normally $25 but he found them for $6! See great shopper 75% off =) So again I took the super cheap candles and wrapped them in ribbon and punched matching paper hearts and attached them.

And now my decorating is least for now. Happy Hump Day!


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  1. I love your decorating, very clever! I have a mantle and as soon as I decorate it all cute, my DH will come along put his coffee cup in the middle of it along with whatever he wants to put out of reach of the baby.