Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there and if your not a mom.....Happy Sunday to you! Not everyone has kids and that is perfectly cool with me =) I woke up to breakfast in bed made by the kids and it was delicious, steak and egg sandwich by the girl with the help of Daddy with a side of toast and jelly made by the boy. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

Since yesterday was National Scrapbooking Day did you make anything? I sure didn't, I went shopping for stuff though =) I started out at the new scrapbook store I heard about and I walked in and walked right out. It was jam packed, wall to wall people and I had a mini panic attack so I rushed back out to the truck and got a crazy look from the DH.

Plan B was to go down to Chino because THE Prima flowers company was having a HUGE parking lot sale. Plan B was awesome! It wasn't packed, I didn't feel suffocated and I got some great stuff for cheap-o prices. Mostly from the $1-$3 range the only thing more expensive was the paper pad for $10. If your in the SoCal area you should really check it out....very nice staff too =)

After Plan B, I attempted to go back to the local store but I had already been freaked out and couldn't find anything. I just don't think I'm a "social butterfly". I'm good shopping online, blogging, but when it comes to in-person things I freak out. Perhaps that's why I like SU! so much, I can peruse the catalog at 3am and not wonder if the store people are irritated because I'm not buying anything. Does anyone else have this problem? Probably not, I'm a little strange.

Today I will definitely be making something, maybe cards, I might try a scrapbook page or I might cover some baskets the DH got for a quarter at Target with some fabric. It's "my" day as the kids told me so I just want to relish in the fact that I was able to have kids =)

Have a great day no matter what!

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