Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Blonde Moment Card

Weird title I know, but wait till you hear the story. (Kristin, this is for you!)

So I make the card, not my best, this I know. Just doesn't "hit" me. Anywho, I have an epiphany....baker's twine! Because baker's twine makes any card better right?! So I wrap the twine around the card, look at it and think "yay, much better".

Then I go to open it, duh it doesn't open, but I can't figure out why. I didn't adhere it wrong....after a few minutes it hits me, duh the twine. (Enter the blonde moment if you didn't get that) So I shook of the blonde moment off, punched a 1/16" hole at the top of the fold and ran the twine through and tied the ends.

Tomorrow, trust me I have a way prettier card that includes my favorite.......SURFBOARDS! Plus it's Friday which makes everything better =)

*I won't share the ingredients because this is not a very good looking card, but a funny story*

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