Saturday, April 9, 2011

Interior Decorating

Ok, I know I already posted a post today but I can resist showing you what I just finished!!!! Here's the BEFORE:

And now the AFTER: (Not 100% done. I want to add "STUFF" along the top w/my Silhouette)

I saw THIS post over at Tatertots and Jello a month ago and knew I wanted to do it. Problem was I couldn't find a corkboard that was used. Thanks to the wonderful Goodwill in the next town over I found it last night and for only 99 cool is that?!

I had the fabric from when I redid my dining chairs during vacation. I added ribbon in the middle because under the ribbon is the seam. If I had measured right when I did my chairs there wouldn't be a seam, but that's a whole other post in and of itself....don't get me started. It ended with a staple flying out of the staplegun and dinging a plate. See, you really don't wanna know.

And here are my dining chairs. Wonderful friends gave us our dining set for free! They had roosters, which don't get me wrong are cute, but just don't scream "Jennifer" so I bought some fabric, had it sit in my laundry room for 8 months and the re-did the chairs. Apparently 8 months is a suitable time frame for me to get energetic and to this =)

Now my goal is to make some cards today.....

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