Thursday, June 30, 2011

Safe Sparklers

**Sorry for the late post....Blogger refused to let me post =( **

Ok, so here's a non cardy thing for the 4th of July. I made a total of 7 of these and I love them! I mailed off 5 (Kristin, Beka...look for the box in the mail) and the last to are for my rugrats.

Every morning like a crazy crafty stalker I check out the daily deal on pick your plum dot com. It's a website that has these insane deals such as the ric rack I used here, I've also gotten vinyl sheets for a quarter a piece and grosgrain ribbon for a crazy cheap deal. The ric rack for instance was 10 cents a yard I think. They have a certain amount of whatever is for sale and they sell it for 24 hours or until it's sold out......very cool!

When they have an item they have pictures of things you can make with the craft supply. They had the sparkler made outta ric rack and I knew I had to make it. (You can google ric rack pick your plum and you can see the pics)

Super easy to make, 3/8 inch dowel, scrap piece of felt about 2 1/2" by 7", 6 pieces of ric rack and glue.....easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I actually added glitter glue for a more sparkly effect, well that and I have a girl who loves all things sparkly =)

They're cool, you wave 'em around and they sparkle and completely safe....unless you count the kids using them as swords which guaranteed mine will do once they get their hands on them.

I really don't care for fireworks so this is the perfect thing for me =)

Happy Thursday....Weekend is almost here!!!!!!!!

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