Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pink Dahlia

So is everyone exhausted after Black Friday?! I love it! All the excitement, heart pounding deals and lack of can you resist a pair of kids jammies for $4?! Let alone Cricut cartridges on sale too!

Sooooooo my Thanksgiving cards had the Dahlia fold feathers and I thought I'd share a card I did a few years ago. I had seen a card while blog hopping and loved it. The blog said she'd found it on Splitcoast so I went there and got the tutorial on it. I did this card maybe 3 years ago or so, I remember it was before we moved down to SoCal and that's been over 2 years now. Anywho this was and has been my favorite card just because it looks so intricate but is so super ya go =)

Oh oh oh and I figured out how to add a watermark over my pictures.....I was doing a happy dance while my DH just looked at me and smiled, it's the little things that make me happy!




  1. Pretty card! Love the dahlia fold. #271 following from Stampin Connection.

  2. This is very cute! Following thru SC. I, too do not have alot of followers thru SC. In fact, I think only 100 are from there and I know there is over 280 on the list. TFS, Good luck and God Bless.


  3. Great blog! Look forward to following along from SC!

  4. This is a wonderful card and I love the dahlia folded flower. I just started following your blog from Stampin' Connection. Thanks for blessing my day. :)

  5. Okay smarty pants you can teach me how to do the water mark. I love the folded flower card too! Too cute. Your blog is so great. Thanks for the ideas! God bless, Bev

  6. This is such as gorgeous the colors!
    I am a follower via SC # 277! Please stop by and follow my blog as well...