Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Never-Ending (and addicting) Card

On my own I would have never found this. I'm not much into You Tube stuff but one of my coworkers is. She tells me about all these cute things to look up and just as she says, "It's so cute!" This is one of the things she told me to look up. It's the never ending card and I found a super easy tutorial HERE . Ignore the paper clips in the photos, I just couldn't get the edges to lay down in the photo. I did a Christmas theme on it but I think this would be so cute for Valentine's Day or even a birthday.It was kind of frustrating at first trying to figure out how to fold and fold and fold but in the end you get a very easy card for a great TA-DA!....Thanks Barbara!

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  1. What a fun card!! I have seen these before but never made the attempt!

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    Have a wonderful day!