Thursday, December 2, 2010

Merry Christmas Baby

Merry Christmas....well not yet but it came early for me. As we know Black Friday is a day you can get some amazing deals. This year my Hunny got me the Cricut Expression from Walmart. It was actually cheaper last year but I had just gotten the Personal Cricut and didn't think I NEEDED the Expression...I was wrong, I was very wrong and for an entire year did not realize it. Being able to create things in 1/4" increments is absolutely amazing! Oh the excitement of creating Marvin the Elf....words cannot describe it, I think angels were in my head singing "Halleluja" though =) I got the purple one and she is so purdy sitting just waiting for me to use her (yes it's a her, just don't have a name for "her" yet).

I also got out my Christmas decorations this long weekend and was a little OCD. I brought in 4 boxes and sorted them by Christmas theme. (Yes, themes again) I have my Gingerbread/Peppermint theme, Snowman theme, Nutcracker-this years theme and a miscellaneous box of odds and ends of tinsel and stockings. Since the Nutcracker is the theme this year I needed ornaments. I picked these guys up at Michaels in the $1 bin up front and hot glued the strings to their hats. These were much easier than my original plan. In the wood department they had blank nutcrackers ready to be painted, I had those in my hand when I saw these ones. I'm all about time so forget paining myself, I'll buy the ready-made ones. Now to get the tree up and find the rest of my nutcracker decorations.


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  1. Congrats on the Cricut Expression and joining Stampin'UP! You'll love both very much.

    I'm following you from Stampin'Connection. I'm #188 on the list as
    Take care and have a great weekend,