Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm A Winner

So let me start by saying I never win anything. Literally the last thing I won was in 4th grade and it was a pencil box during Columbus Day. We had to write to Queen Isabella and tell her why she should fund our trip to the "New World".

Fast forward MANY years later and I finally win something! This time something good....a Silhouette machine! I entered a comment here on blog I follow and 4 days later I got an email saying I won.....HOT DOG!

So now I get to play with it and see what fun I can get myself into. I think I'm going to need a room just for my machines now =)



  1. Are. You. Kidding. Me. Congrats Jen! I have been trying so hard to win a Silhouette. So many of my favorite blogs have been giving them away. Very jealous...have fun!!

  2. Thanks! I haven't officially "cut" anything on it but I'm having a blast playing around with the different designs =)